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Astrology Readings

By calculating your date of birth, the exact time you were born, and your place of birth we find out what your astrological birth chart looks like. This chart is a like a very detailed blueprint , or map of your life. It often illuminates challenges you have faced, strengths that you carry within you, what types of experiences you are learning in this lifetime, and so much more. Astrological charts often give you the permission to truly embody more of who you are. They are so much fun to learn from, and you will gain a new tool from which you can learn from during your life. In a 90-minute reading we can also explore the planetary transits going on in your life, which are the energetic themes that are caused by the current placements of the planets and how they affect your personal chart. Specialized readings are available such as Career/ Work/ How to attract Abundance, etc! Inquire if you have a specific topic you would like to address.

Ghost writer!

Grace is now the ghost writer of the Pusheen ® The Cat Monthly Horoscopes!