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meet grace

b. 1986, HK.


Grace Harrington Murdoch has always had an interest in what helps us heal.  As a writer, Astrologer, healer and teacher this question has led her into studying many different types of healing and bodies of knowledge to distill down what she feels works best. In 2009, after several years of learning Jin Shin Jyutsu, Polarity therapy and RYSE as well as studying Astrology, she decided to open her own healing practice, and much to her amazement she has seen many people heal from various spiritual, mental , emotional and even physical impairments.  Her favorite thing to see in her practice is people getting better, and taking more pleasure out of life and who they are as individuals and dreamers.  She, herself, has also overcome many things in receiving healing over the years, from healing her childhood asthma, to nervous system stress, to old emotional and spiritual wounds.  Over the years she has grown to trust in herself and Spirit to work through her completely.  She is grateful to be on this path of service to humanity, and to the planet.  

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In 2014, Grace went on to become a Reiki Master Teacher.  This was the beginning of her teaching practice which now includes many different classes, some of which she has written and some that were passed down to her.  You can find her most current class calendar in her monthly newsletter and this online calendar.  Classes fill up quickly on facebook so be sure to connect with her if you want to join in on any of her groups.  Some of the classes she offers are: Reiki (all levels); Introduction to Polarity therapy; Munay Ki Rites (gifting and training classes); Energy Reading; Astrological Storytelling; Crystal Healing Workshops; Essential oil workshops; and a yearly Shining Year empowerment group for women.  In teaching, and in life, she follows what "lights her up," and encourages her clients and friends to do the same.  

To learn more about her, you can read an interview with a BU student, or watch her video interview with Kim Woods.