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Child Awake

Child Awake


Child Awake is for anyone who is ready to tap into their inner joy and follow the guidance that has lived within them since they were born. It is for both the adults who want to awaken their inner child, and for the children who were born ready to lead their lives in accordance with their truth, intuition, and personal power.

This book is a call to action to re-learn lessons that may have never been taught to you as a child. Lessons like: how to follow your intuition; what it means to really follow your dreams; how to let go and allow the Universe to support you; how to communicate with your angels; as well as how to love yourself unconditionally. These are just a few of the lessons explored in this book.

Inspired by Native American animal spirit symbolism, each chapter opens with a short story to illustrate the spiritual lesson in a very down to earth way. The chapter then moves into personal reflections on each lesson, as well as exercises and rituals that you can do to transform your life and heal. This book is filled with tools to support you along the journey back towards your innate wholeness. When you can tap into this energy, anything is possible.

by Grace Harrington Murdoch

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