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ASTROLOGY Testimonials

Grace! Thank you so much. I knew I was going to love the couple’s astrology reading but I’m so excited about how much Joe liked it and how we’ve been feeling more connected, softer and compassionate wth each other since. I am really grateful!

These readings are so powerful and fun. We’re going to frame our composite chart for the bedroom!
— Jessica Jones Lavoie, Healer at Evolving Light

I did not know what to expect when I had Grace read my chart, as well as two of my childrens’. There were moments of affirmation. There were moments of surprise. And joy. And fear. But really what was so striking were the moments of awareness brought to light by Grace in her beautiful, peaceful manner. And although it has been a year since the reading, there have been small, “a-ha” moments coming to light that bring me back to the reading!

Through the exploration of my chart, Grace helped me see the potential in a small job I have and love, but did not know where to go with it. Now it is blossoming into a small business using nature to touch the lives of young children. Grace not only helped me to see through my fear of failure, but to see the light so readily available to me. Thinking back to the reading makes me smile.

So I am on a solo voyage through Peru and this morning I had an astrology reading from an ancient teacher in Cuzco- but it was nothing compared to your astrology reading!! And so I wanted to thank you for that wonderful experience and the knowledge you allowed me to gain - I need to find the taping of that reading because I left the reading this morning feeling not so fulfilled and it reminded me that I must go back and listen to our session together.
— Kerrie O'Reilly, Nanny & Healer


Where do I begin? Grace is magical. She has a beautiful presence that you can see and feel. She is staggeringly knowledgeable and shares her wisdom with ease and humility. Grace embodies love, kindness and generosity. Her talents are vast and this allows her to reach and assist so many people. She believes in connection and is constantly weaving a web of wellness. I am forever grateful to have Grace in my swirly orbit.
— Maggie Fiorella-Winter, owner of Green Tea Yoga & Healer
Grace taught and guided me through the Reiki Level one class and she is absolutely amazing, such a wonderful and loving person. She has inspired me to go further on my spiritual and holistic practitioner journey, and I am forever grateful for having met her.
— Johnna Aggelikas, Healer
Nothing makes me happier than learning from Grace. She is filled with so much knowledge and has the sweetest deliverance about her. Grace came into my life as a blessing. I was able to receive my Reiki I, II, and Reiki Master attunements through Grace. I’ve had the pleasure of other classes such as Crystals. I’m excited to work with Grace in the future!!
— Kelly Maria, Healer


Imagine laying peacefully having Grace do energy work down near your feet, yet feeling as if someone is giving you a back massage at the same moment... yes it’s that magical and wonderful! So full of knowledge & intuition, you must connect with Grace if you are needing a spiritual/physical boost or insight. She has so many tools and knowledge to support you from many angles. You won’t regret it!!
— Nikki Murdoch, Channel & Owner of Pretty Pretty Princess Parties
I want to thank you for an incredible healing session on Tuesday. I felt weightless after our appointment, like I had finally set down the burdens that I carried everywhere over the last years. I also felt a strong sense of hope, of rightness. You have a gift that I have never experienced before. It’s remarkable that you sensed lilac because it has been an important flower in my life that goes back to my childhood and my connection to my great grandmother. I’m often going strangely out of the way to smell lilac bushes when I can find them, so having the essence in a bottle will be perfect for me. I couldn’t believe it when I saw your email about lilac essence!
— A.M.
I have been working with Grace for just about a year now. I initially went to her for just an energy clearing, but I ended up getting so much more than I ever thought I would through our multiple sessions. Grace has given me strategies and tools to support myself while I am growing spiritually, and has given me the gift of really tuning in to my intuition. I have done sessions with Grace involving energy work, life coaching, flower essences and an astrology reading. Each meeting with Grace brings something different and I always leave her feeling confident, open, supported and ready to grow. The flower essences are amazing and have made me more productive in my workspace, and subtly gave me more confidence when dealing with uncomfortable situations. Through life coaching and energy sessions, Grace has helped me find the inner courage, strength and confidence to leave unhealthy romantic relationships, leave a toxic work setting, and even lose weight due to her body scan with flower essences! Grace is so kind, understanding, trusting and is so talented at what she does. She has a gift. She teaches and heals from the heart, and because she is so genuine, as a client you want to take her teachings and healings and apply them into your life. I cannot believe how much my life has shifted in a positive direction since I started working with Grace. She has given me so many amazing tools to trust myself in life, and I have moved into such a great space! She truly has an amazing gift.
— Emily Borek, Reading Teacher
I recently transitioned from military to civilian life and there has been a lot of stress associated with the move. I have a lot of anxiety and wanted a way to naturally relieve the stress involved with a new job. I decided to give polarity a try and went to Ms. Humphrey to see if she could help. I have been impressed with the caring attitude and professionalism displayed by Ms. Humphrey. I now am a regular client and the result of polarity treatment includes a 10 point reduction in my blood pressure (122 to 112), the ability to go to sleep faster at night (and to sleep more soundly), and most importantly to me, I am more relaxed prior to frequent airline flights overseas (I try to have a polarity session prior to a long flight). I highly recommend Ms. Humphrey.
— Scott Gunderson, Retired USN Commander
It’s hard to put into words the affect Grace’s talents have impacted my overall wellness. When asked by others my reaction is always the same…Amazing, a total relaxation experience, almost mystifying. Truly something that you have to try for yourself and once you do you will continue to go back time and time again. Thank you Grace for improving the quality of my life; every session I have with you peels away layers of stress off my shoulders and puts my body in a surreal state of mind.
— Yvonne
I believe that the energy work that you do is life-changing! Through the work that you offered, (that I was able to graciously receive and surrender to), I am leaving my job after I was able to stand up for myself there. I am able to release the ‘young adults’ to seek their own futures and paths, and I was able to ask for what I needed from my beloved husband! Wow! As for me, our home is on the market, and my husband is taking an early retirement in December. We are moving to Stowe, Vt. in late December. Through our work together, Grace, I was able to ask for what I needed. Our home is overlooking the mountains, and we have three floors of full-on mountain views. For the first time ever, my body is not in a state of hyper-vigilance 24/7, and the pine trees and the mountains feel like they are hugging me daily. I am definitely a mountain/forest girl. As for my middle son, our relationship has completely transformed since we asked him to leave the house. He apologized within the month for being ungrateful and uncooperative, and he is over often for meals and chats. He even opens up to me about difficult times within himself, which is a complete transformation from before. I will never forget your generosity toward me, and the fact that you ran the class (Awaken Your Inner Child), even when no one else responded. It was one of the greatest acts of kindness that I have ever received, and I hope to pass it on to others. So, a great, big hug and an eternal thank you! Blessings.
— Lori M., Writer & Singer - Stowe, Vermont
I trusted Grace immediately and completely. I had never heard of polarity therapy, and didn’t know what I was getting into, but I was able to let go into the experience because of the quality of Grace’s presence. I left our first session with a sense of solidity as a human being... I felt like a real person, awake in the world. Grace helped me let go of some old, stale stuff that had been trapped inside me for years. I continue to feel more grounded, more confident and more free.
— Jenny Campbell, Enneagram Teacher, Holliston, Massachusetts
I first met Grace after the death of my dear mother. I was in a pit of grief, hurt and despair. Needing to try something new to somehow find my way again, the Universe brought me Grace. Grace is a gifted healer, who brings with her a remarkable capacity to usher wounded spirits to higher levels of clarity, compassion and wholeness through her empathic ability and richly developed skills. Within a year and a half of the start of our sessions, Grace assisted me through my grief and helped usher in the space I needed to begin manifesting remarkable things in my life (e.g. a fiance, a dream job followed by an unbelievable promotion, a brand new car and a remarkable home...all within a YEAR). Being a therapist myself, I would hands down not only recommend Grace’s services to patient, but to fellow practitioners.
— David Jonathan Levin, MSSW, LICSW
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Grace is a gift to the world. Her wonderful positive energy comes through strongly with all her work. I have received Reiki, polarity, and other energy work for years from many different practitioners, and without a doubt Grace is one of the best! In a recent session I got the feeling that her work was a kind of soul massage, which left me completely tranquil, refreshed, at peace, and whole. In fact just thinking about it now returns me to that blissful feeling. That said, her work is also quite practical, and effective in a spiritually healing way. Her intuition is outstanding, and her guides help her uncover and address true sources of issues, etheric, spiritual and physical. Her multidimensional gifts combine to create powerfully effective healing outcomes. I heartily endorse Grace and her wonderful energy services to anyone.
— Andy L. - Salem, Massachusetts
I had the most remarkable experience this morning, Grace! What a Father’s Day gift! I’ve had other energetic body work in the past but nothing this professional, powerful and amazing! YOU ARE OVER THE TOP and I highly recommend everyone to take some time off our hectic lives and GO SEE GRACE! You will be so glad you did!!! I plan on coming back at least once/month for more sessions and again THANK YOU FOR BEING WHO YOU ARE! You are the closest anyone will be to an angel - Grace’s session is a HEAVENLY experience - I’m loving the after feeling, my pain is gone and I feel 100% relaxed.
— Wendell Robinson - Woburn, Massachusetts
The day I met Grace my life was simply changed by her energy, her light, her insight and her sweet personality! I was able to experience 3 sessions with Grace as a therapy for my skin condition. If you never experienced energy body work, polarity therapy, crystal healing, or jin shin jyutsu before you will be amazed with the before & after results! Grace is blessed with true gifts of counseling, healing and an incredible intuition that you will only believe her accuracy after your session. She has the ability to recognize which areas of your body need work, care and attention and will share techniques with you so you can continue to feel better at home. I’ve never met someone as professional and detail oriented as Grace. She takes her time during the session, works in each and every area of your body and truly helps you to deeply relax. It does not matter what kind of problem or situation you may be facing... when you start your session all of your worries go away and you will breathe all the beautiful energy in the room, the hope for a better tomorrow, the positiveness to keep smiling, the light to keep you inspired and the strength to keep you focused on your goals and dreams. The more I see Grace and the more I get to know her, the more I love her work!!! She is the most sweet and kind human being traveling on Earth with the goal to help and heal the world... her energy is MAGICAL!!! Her laughter is contagious and you will feel lit up like a Christmas tree after you see her! I just wanted to share with you she has helped to heal my psoriasis immensely in 45 days, it’s never been better and I am so thankful for Grace’s help! She’s pure, she’s true, she’s real, and she is there for you!!! Thank you so much what you did for me Grace and all you taught me every session 🙂 your energy & dedication will forever be appreciated!
— Raquel Robinson, owner of Social Marketing Innovations
Grace Humphrey has played a huge part in my life for the past few months, and I truly am blessed to have met her. If you are one of those people who believe Polarity is just a hoax and a waste of money, I am here to hopefully change that. Polarity is a very powerful thing and even if you just get one session, you will not regret it. I am now, at the age of 20, and I have been through more than the average person has been through in a life time, but not as much as people my own age all at the same time. Tuesday, December 16, 2008 will be a day I will never forget as long as I live. I woke up that morning, everything was great, I had a job, friends, and a car of my own. Also I had been dancing for fourteen years, on the competitive dance team for five years, and a honor student in high school. That same evening little did I know, that was not my life anymore. I came home from dance around 7:30ish, and I was fidgeting on the floor. When I sat up everything was blurry. It all went downhill from there. Not only did I develop many more debilitating symptoms, to the point where I couldn’t even sit up, (migraine, blurred/double vision, sharp shooting pain from head to toe, severe vertigo, brain fog and nausea) but I also lost all of my friends because I had to quit dance, and my job, plus I missed a ton of school. My life consisted of driving all over the North shore to see the best of the best doctors, and I was poked and prodded through every Neurology test they could possible think of. All of that and we still didn’t have a definitive answer to what was going on. I have heard it all, from “it’s all in your head”, to fibromyalgia, to Multiple Sclerosis, and Lyme Disease, even the “I don’t know what it is, go see someone else”. (Trust me; I am not making this up) For a while I was treated for chronic Lyme, but the dozens of different medicine they had me on, each made me worse. From the dozens of doctors that I have seen, to the dozens of medicines I have been on, my family and I were desperate to find something else. We tried massage but it was way too painful. Then acupuncture and that too was too painful. Then my dad came across this Cranial Sacral Therapy thing so we called around, and sure enough Grace was the first one to call back. She did tell us that she didn’t technically do Cranial Sacral Massage, but she did specialize in Polarity. I never heard of Polarity until then, and at this point I was fed up with everything. I was done with the doctor thing a long time ago and done with the trying new things, because everyone would just tell me I was faking it or that they couldn’t help me. For a 16, 17, 18, and 19 year old to be hearing that over and over again is not fun, to say the least. I just wanted to be left alone, but my parents convinced me to just try this once so I did. On the drive there I was practically in tears because I had no Idea what had got myself into, and at that point I didn’t trust what anyone told me about anything. It was a totally different story on my way home. On the way home from my first Polarity session, I just could not shut up about how amazing it was. I even flat out told my dad that this is what I wanted to do. When I got home I immediately went online and found a school for Polarity in Ipswich and made the call. The next week when I went to my session with Grace the first thing she said to me was, “do you think you would be interested in doing this?” I told her about finding Spa Tech and sure enough that was the school she went to. All my stars had aligned. Now, I’m not saying everyone needs to do this as a career, that is just how it has turned out for me. I left Merrrimack College, where I was studying Criminology, which I didn’t even like as much. It is now June 2012, and I can walk again, see again, and I’m not in nearly as much pain. Plus I am driving again, so I have my independence back! All this just after 1 session a week for only three months. So, as of today, I am a 20 year old girl going on strong as a student of Polarity, and my life wouldn’t be this good if I just told my parents “no” back in March. Grace is not just a ‘Miracle worker” she is a true healer, and I strongly encourage anyone who can relate to anything in my story even if it is just the slightest thing like a simple migraine, or needing a boost of energy, or even just a few moments to relax, Polarity is for you! All it takes is one try.
— Jackie Corbett, Reiki and Polarity Practitioner