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Flowers and Stars Holistic Healing Arts, owned by Grace Harrington Murdoch, is an alternative healing arts business located on the North Shore of Massachusetts.

Grace seeks to assist you in re-connecting to your wholeness, your passions, and your dreams. From personalized Astrology Readings, Flower Essence Consultations, Spiritual Coaching Sessions, and One-on-One Healing Sessions, Grace offers a variety of avenues to support your growth and self-understanding.

Grace works in a beautiful community of healers and practitioners in Magnolia, Massachusetts.


As an avid teacher, Grace offers regular classes in Astrology, Crystal Healing, Energy Reading, Reiki, Polarity Therapy, and more. Grace also organizes retreats and classes in other regions.

Please inquire to discuss a specific class, off-site location, or group session. Group rates available.

Grace is a gifted healer, who brings with her a remarkable capacity to usher wounded spirits to higher levels of clarity, compassion and wholeness through her empathic ability and richly developed skills.
— David Jonathan Lavin, MSSW, LICSW


Grace has crafted a series of flower essences and essential oil blends to support you on your personal journey. Purchase online or find a stockist near you.


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