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Astrology Series Bundle: Astrology 101-105
to Oct 7

Astrology Series Bundle: Astrology 101-105

Astrology is a language, just like Greek, or Hebrew or Spanish. Only it is more ancient language, one that comes from the mathematics of the stars! How cool is that?! 

Your personal birth chart is weaving it’s own story, one that is changing and shifting as you grow, but one that works with certain themes and a very distinct blueprint and lens, different from everybody else’s personal experience and lens. 

My job In this class is to give you tools to begin to understand your chart, and begin to learn this new language . You will learn what story your chart is telling, and you will understand more about yourself by the end of this class. If you enjoy this series, we can keep exploring together. 

The learning is infinite! Which is what makes astrology so fun! 

6/21 Astrology 101: The planets & the signs & what they mean. This class will explore the archetypes & the soul’s path through these symbols and placements in your chart. You will learn how to begin reading your chart. 

7/19 Astrology 102:  The houses, aspects & the elements. What is a square, a conjunction, an opposition , etc, and what do these aspects say about you? What is the elemental make-up of your chart? And how might it relate to your physical health? We will explore all these topics as we take a deeper dive into your chart. 

8/16 Astrology 103: Chiron and the healer within you. We will explore your unique gifts to the world through the lens of Chiron. We will also explore Black Moon Lilith and her power in your chart. We will also do an introduction to transits in this class. 

9/20 Astrology 104: Pluto , Social Change & You. Pluto stays in one sign for an entire generation. As the ruler of social change, each generation comes in with a gift to help shift society. Find out about your generation’s strengths and how you can harness those strengths to create change in the world. 

10/18 Astrology 105: Astrology and Essential Oils. Explore the intersection of Astrology and Herbalism as we create a customized zodiac essential oil blend based on your energy and birth chart. We will also try Flower Essences that correspond to your chart and personal energy. 

What you will need?

Your exact birth time, birth date, and the city/state where you were born. I will need all this information before the start of this class, and will bring your personalized chart to class. You can email it to me at:


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Earth Spirit Retreat to Avalon
to Sep 4

Earth Spirit Retreat to Avalon

Retreat to the mystical & sacred lands of Avalon in Glastonbury, England. Join Grace Murdoch and Kathleen Pizzello for 6 nights and 7 days of earth medicine, yoga, meditation, connection, and so much more.

We will discover & grow together mind, body, and spirit at the beautiful Earth Spirit Centre just outside of Glastonbury town, in the countryside of England. This retreat is for those yearning to tap into the medicine woman within, discover ways of healing themself + deepening their connection to the Earth.  

Allow yourself this opportunity to learn, share and create in a magical location. Take an epic journey to the Self by exploring sacred lands, yoga, meditation, herbalism and more. Each day will begin with meditation and an uplifting all levels yoga class. Some days we will have afternoon/evening workshops, and other days will be left to explore the surrounding area.
Discover your true potential with the loving support of sisterhood.  

Live from your heart and raise your vibration  

Aho & Blessed Be

Accommodation for 6 nights at Earth Spirit Centre
Most meals
morning yoga + meditation sessions
several workshops/evening activities working with the earth
Guided tour of Glastonbury

Transportation to Earth Spirit Centre
Bodywork (Sessions by request-limited availability!)
2 meals out

Pricing Per Person

Double Occupancy with ensuite bathroom: 1999.00/person (4 spots available)

Triple Occupancy : 1888.00/person (6 Spots available)

Double Occupancy without ensuite bathroom: 1655.00/person (4 spots available)

Caravan Camping: 1555.00 (4 spots available) 

Yurt w/beds: 1555.00 (4 spots available) 

Camping: 1444.00/person (6 spots available) 

A $500 non refundable is required to reserve your space

Final Payment is due June 1st 2018
Link for deposit:
Link for final

What to Bring
Layered Clothing
Bathing Suit
Good Walking Shoes
If Camping: tents, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, lantern

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Discover Your Passion: A Yoga Retreat to Italy
to May 29

Discover Your Passion: A Yoga Retreat to Italy

Retreat Leaders: Vita Limoli + Grace Harrington Murdoch 

Site: Sunflower Retreats - a 15th century historical venue in Casperia. Casperia itself is a Medieval hilltop village in central Italy. 

Themes: Living your Passion; Connection to Sacred Sites; Earth Connection; Embracing Deep Self-Care; Francis of Assisi; Italian food and culture; Self-expression; Finding your Joy


Morning Meditation + Yoga
Flower Essence making 
Thermal Baths and Hot Springs Day Trip 
Rome Day Trip with Guide
Francis of Assisi Hermitage trip with Guide
Lunch in the Medieval town of Casperia
Choice of Activities- Italian cooking, Horseback riding, Watercolor Painting, Language lessons
Circles + journey through the elements
Sauna + jacuzzi + pool
Free Bicycles onsite for your use
Evening Workshops exploring your passions

Retreat to the historical and beautiful Medieval town of Casperia, Italy. Go back in time in Casperia where there are no moving vehicles allowed in the town. Slow down and reconnect with Vita Limoli and Grace Harrington Murdoch as we guide you in daily yoga, meditation, connection to the land and culture and so much more. 

We will explore Sacred sites in Rome as well as the surrounding areas, visiting the St. Francis of Assisi hermitage, all natural hot springs and more. It will be a time to connect to deep self-nurturing as well as embracing the Italian way of life, filled with passion, amazing food, and history.  

Allow yourself to embrace this amazing and life-changing journey to a way of life that supports your passions and self-expression. Connect to the Sacred sites and the history, and nurture yourself at the very same time. Build bonds with your fellow travelers that may last a lifetime.  

Accommodation for 6 nights / 7 days at
(Shared Double Ensuite Rooms)

All meals included. Wine also included at dinner. 

Morning yoga + Meditation sessions 

Several workshops/Evening activities 

Guided tours of Rome + Francis of Assisi 
Hermitage + surrounding areas

Excursion to Thermal Baths & Hot Springs

Flights & Transportation to Sunflower Retreats from Rome

Pricing Per Person
A $500 non refundable is required to reserve your space.

Final payments due by May 15th, 2019

Email Grace or Vita for more information:

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Earth Magic Series
7:00 PM19:00

Earth Magic Series

Join me for a weekly exploration of all types of magical connection to the earth over the course of the next 3 months. I believe it is a pivotal time to connect with the earth and develop a close relationship to her. She can sustain us during these changing times, and as we develop deeper relationship to her we can teach others about her magic as well. 

For the month of April we will explore the Healing power of Crystals & Stones. 

For the month of May we will explore different ways to work with Essential oils and how to use them to enhance your life and the healing of others.  

For the month of June we will explore the sacred Munay-Ki rites which are Peruvian shamanic rites that have been passed down to help us all come in deeper connection with the earth. They are some of the most beautiful rites I have ever encountered.  

All classes will be held from 7-8:30 pm. The munay Ki rites may last until 8:45pm.  

Below is a list of the classes and how to register. I would love you to come on this journey with me throughout the whole series, or pick a month that resonates with you! The Munay-Ki rites must be gifted in order week by week.  


April 4th- Week one: Crystals 101- What do crystals do and how to take care of them. We begin to learn how to communicate with the crystal realm. 

April 11th-Week two : Crystals for Connecting to the Beyond- We will explore how to use the Crystalline world to more deeply connect with the angelic realms, our higher self, and our guides. 

April 18th-Week three: Clearing Energy and Spaces with Crystals: Learn how to use crystals to heal spaces and heal your energy systems. We will also explore crystals that are “endangered” and at risk of being over-harvested, to make sure we are being responsible crystal buyers.  

April 25th-Week four : Gem Elixirs and Flower Essences - Learn how to create Gem Elixirs and Flower Essences to create magic! 


May 2nd-Week One: Essential Oils 101: What are essential oils and how can they raise your frequency? Learn how you can you use them on yourself , or clients , friend, and family to promote health and well-being. 

May 9th-Week Two: Essential Oils for Skin Health & Weight Loss . Take home your own salt scrub! 

May 16th-Week Three: Astrology and Essential Oils. Create your own Sun or Moon blend and learn which essential oils are good for your sign! 

May23rd- Week Four: Medicine Making with essential oils. Learn how to create essential oil blends , sprays, and more! 

Munay Ki Rites (All rites are transmitted over 4 weeks (June 6th, 13th, 20th, 27th) 

Coming from the high Andes in Peru, these ancient rites literally mean "the energy of love." These have been passed down for thousands of years through the Incan elders and shamans. The healers who have passed these to us in the West are known as the "earthkeepers." It is their feeling that especially now, we all need to receive these rites to come into right relationship to the planet. These rites will help you to come into contact with this ancient healing tradition, stepping more into the fullness of who you are. The Rites you will receive are:


Rite One: Healers Rite; so everyone you touch is blessed

Rite Two: Bands of Power and Protection: walk this earth in fullness of your personal power

Rite Three: Harmony Rite: receive the 7 Archetypes into the chakras, including three archangels

Rite Four: Seer’s Rite: awakens your inner seer

Rite Five: Daykeeper’s Rite: Step beyond fear and practice peace

Rite Six: Wisdomkeeper’s Rite: Step outside of time and taste infinity

Rite Seven: Earthkeeper’s Rite: connects you to the stars and sun

Rite Eight: Starkeeper’s Rite: Your body becomes luminous

Rite Nine: Creator Rite: Be in stewardship for all creation

Rite Thirteen:The Rite Of the Womb: Release the womb from fear and pain, and heal the womb of earth
( this rite is numbered out of order as the feminine in non-linear in this tradition)

Cost For classes in April : 
30.00 per class. 

Cost for classes in May:
35.00 per class (includes supplies). 

Cost for classes in June:
30.00 per class.  

Pre-register for April:

Pre-register for May:

Pre-register for June:

Pre-register for the whole journey and take 20.00 off:

Lots of love and joy and magic to you! Grace

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