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Total Solar Eclipse Ritual

Welcome to eclipse season y’all. We begin on July 2nd with a new moon in Cancer and total Solar Eclipse and cap it off with a partial Lunar Eclipse on July 16th in Capricorn. 

The Cancer/Capricorn Polarity deals with, among other things, our relationship to our feelings & home life & our mother or inner nurturer (Cancer) ; and our relationship to our public image, our career and goals, our father or the responsible side of ourselves (Capricorn).

We are being brought back to experiences that relate to these themes from 19 years ago — so July of 2000. To read more about that and work with this energy you can download the Cosmic Reset worksheet I wrote here:


I thought it would be an excellent time to harness the power of the Eclipse & New Moon for a little ritual to help you get in touch with this energy and use this energy to focus us all in a positive direction to create new realities. 

The way I see it , with eclipses it’s like we are trying to move up a spiral staircase and though we may repeat similar themes as 19 years ago we are at a higher level with them. So give yourself a pat on the back for moving in a new direction and healing the past. 

So let’s prepare for a little ritual. Some supplies that would be great to have for this eclipse would be : 

~ A white candle

~ A clear quartz, Hermkimer diamond, or use your diamond ring 💍 

~ A small glass with water to represent Cancer 

~ A plant to represent Capricorn

~ Cancer Flower Essence

~ A piece of paper and a pen

If you have a small table or altar you can place your items intuitively on it from above. If you don’t have all these items- improvise! It’s okay. You may have something else that represents this energy more. You want to have about 10-15 minutes to really sink into the energy so block off some time. 

Take 3-5 drops of your essence and place your hand over your heart.

Take several slow deep breaths and connect to this group of flowers and how they are moving through your body. This essence opens your intuition for clarity. 

Ask yourself : how do I want to heal and move forwards with my relationship to my parents or ancestors? Write down your intention on the piece of paper. 

Ask yourself : how can I shine more brilliantly in my life , like a diamond or crystal quartz and not succumb to pressures to stay small? Write that down as well.

Lastly, ask yourself: how has the church, society, or my own beliefs limited my expansion or caused me to escape my own brilliance? And what is my new intention I would like to create to get in alignment with my own intuition? Write that down. 

Now place that piece of paper under your crystal or stone or your plant. 

Bring your hands now to your solar plexus , just above your navel. Affirm : my will is in alignment with the Divine . And so may it be. 

For best results do this ritual within 5 days of the Eclipse on July 2nd to set the stage for the energy of this month. 

And watch what manifests or culminates around the full moon and give gratitude for the shifts you made. 

Happy eclipsing!! 

Love, Grace